Why winter tires are a good investment

Winter Tires Why they are a good investment

If you have ever driven in Canada during the winter, you know how bad the conditions can get and how cautious you have to be when on the road. You may be thinking what makes winter tires so much different than all-season tires? Once you have on a set of winter tires and you avoid an accident situation, you will quickly realize that it was an investment worth making rather than having to dish out extra cash for collision repairs. Read below for reasons why winter tires will benefit you.

1. Better traction

Winter tires are made up of a flexible rubber compound that is softer than regular tires. It is also made with a special tread design meant to keep snow out. With regular tires, the snow gets clogged in the tread causing the tires to not be gripping the road surface as efficiently.

2. Longer tire life

Putting on a set of winter tires will extend the tire life of you regular tires as they are not as durable through winter seasons. Many car owners will mount their winter tires with a steel rims, to keep their nice set of rims away from the salt and sand.

3. More control

If you have driven with your regular tires, you have most likely experienced your car spinning out on the ice. With winter tires, the rubber will not get hard when the weather hits freezing levels, maintaining its grip. Drivers will have much more control of the car with the better traction.

4. Insurance Discount

Though drivers will see only a small discount, its not about saving, but rather about safety. However, every penny counts. As of January 1, 2016 all insurance providers in Ontario will be required to off a discount for winter tires. Click the link below to find out more.


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