How to prepare your car for winter

Prepare your car for winter Get ready for winter driving

As Canadians we know that the winters take a toll on our cars. The weather can get pretty brutal from time to time, and let’s face it, no one ever wants to be stranded on the side of the road. So, the best thing to do is to spend a few hours to prepare your car for winter driving.

Here are some recommendations for what you can do to prepare.

  • Invest in a set of winter tires – they provide much more stability for your vehicle and gives you much more control.
  • Get your car inspected for brake, exhaust, and other safety.
  • Check battery for optimized performance. Cold weather is very hard on the battery, sometimes the battery will drain due to the cold weather.
  • Refill your washer fluid as needed. It may also be a good idea to keep an extra jug in your trunk, windshields get extra dirty in the winter conditions causing reduced visibility.
  • Keep a brush/ice scraper in the vehicle
  • Ensure that your wipers are fully functional, replace them if needed.
  • Keep an emergency kit in the trunk, extra clothing, blanket, flashlight and jumper cables comes in handy.

Remember to check your tire pressure regularly and be extra aware of your daily vehicle maintenance.

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